Garden Tool Essentials 2023

If you’re new to gardening, or you’ve been doing this awhile, you know there are a whole lot of gardening tools and accessories out there. It can be a little overwhelming at first.

Before talking about my essentials, I want you to know dear friend, you do not need much to garden. Use what you have as much as possible and slowly build up to getting the extras.

Tools can be such a help to make jobs easier, but are not always necessary. The key in gardening is just to start with what you have where you are. You will get there!

That being said, here are a few of my tried and true gardening tools that we have used for years and have stood up to many gardening seasons.

Hand Tools

Fiskars Pruners

I have used these garden shears for years! These have been affordable and reliable. There are other brands with a much higher price tag, but I have two pair of these that I’ve had for over 4 years. And yes, I have two because I am irresponsible and inevitably lose one pair mid gardening season. It always seems to turn up though! 🙂

Fiskars Micro-Tip Pruners

Along the same lines as the previous pruners, these Fiskars Micro-tip Pruners have stood the test of time. I love using these to trim seedlings and these are the pair that I take out to harvest peppers and tomatoes.

Gardening Gloves

I love these rubber coated gardening gloves, especially when I’m doing lots of planting or digging all at once. I will be the first to admit, by the end of the season I don’t typically use gloves, but the initial planting of starts in the garden it’s always nice to keep your hands clean. I love that these protect your hands while still giving you good mobility of your fingers.

Seed Starting Trays

These trays had been recommended by many people on social media, and for good reason! I finally invested in them a few years ago and I will never go back. The bottom trays are STURDY! They will hold up when you need to move them full of plants and water. I highly recommend this system.

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